Who are your rockstar innovators?

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Your Innovation Team

Innovation is difficult... That's where we come in.

A team of skilled facilitators with a thirst for challenges deemed impossible. We like long walks in beautiful places. Seeking clients with appreciation for creativity and innovation.

Photo of Costa Michailidis

Costa Michailidis

Costa is passionate about making a positive impact and spends his time working with scientists and business leaders on some of today's greatest challenges.

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Photo of Erica Swiatek

Erica Swiatek

Once a native of Corporate America, Erica has taken the innovation journey and returned ready to arm her patrons with the skills and tools to innovate.

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Photo of Ismet Mamnoon

Ismet Mamnoon

Ismet has worked with a unique set of people including New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the National Institute of Education Sciences in China and young people around the world.

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Photo of Kevin Pitts

Kevin Pitts

Kevin engages top talent audiences at the highest level and keeps them enthralled in a learning journey, bringing innovation to the forefront of their competence.

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Photo of Maggie Dugan

Maggie Dugan

Maggie Dugan is a riveting creativity and innovation facilitator and a favorite at creativity conferences worldwide.

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Photo of Rob Cordova

Rob Cordova

Rob Cordova is known for transforming corporate learning into a dynamic, impactful and unforgettable experience.

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Photo of Russ Schoen

Russ Schoen

Originally trained in improv, Russ eases his students into the difficult work of innovation, teaching them in bite-sized, super-engaging, interactive activities.

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Photo of Stavros Michailidis

Stavros Michailidis

As founder of Innovation Bound, Stavros consults with global enterprises, academic institutions, government agencies & NGO's on their innovation initiatives.

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Photo of Tim Dunne

Tim Dunne

Tim is an allstar creativity & Innovation trainer and a sought after keynote speaker. His humurous, narrative style serves to captivate audiences.

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Photo of Toby Scott

Toby Scott

Toby Scott is an influential design thinker, an innovation strategist and a gifted facilitator and educator.

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