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How to build a culture of innovation, starting with your top talent

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Innovation has become vastly more important as the tech revolution charges on and disruption makes landfall in one industry after the next. IBM named Creativity the most important competence for new leaders nearly ten years ago! The time to train your people to innovate is now!

Culture of Innovation

Every enterprise wants it, that magic sauce they have at Pixar or Apple, that Culture of Innovation. How do you create a culture of innovation at your organization, team, or department? Join us to learn from experts on the subject, experience being in an innovative culture, and to actively tailor this thought leadership to your own team or organization.

Experience Design & Social Design

Design Thinking and Agile Methodologies are sweeping through learning organizations. The innovation era is now. So, here's what's coming next...

Experience Design involves taking a holistic approach to designing user experiences whether they be customer journeys, or in the case of L&D, learning experiences. In doing so, new cost savings become evident, memories of training programs or delightful product unboxings go from being typical and forgetful to unique, remarkable, and memorable. Training programs transform into learning adventures, improving retention, relevance, and results. Customer transactions become customer journeys, creating brand loyalty and amplifying word of mouth.

The other approach that's up and coming is Social Design. Where Design Thinking focuses almost exclusively on the user, Social Design asks us to design for the local and global context as well, enhancing impact, amplifying a sense of purpose, and making our designs more resilient and sustainable.

Go From Ideas to Action

At this event you'll hear from experts in lightning talks, but you'll also roll your sleeves up and do the work needed to make those ideas actionable. You'll return to your job with ideas that can have impact.

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