An innovation incubator for emerging innovators

Identified as top talent, your budding leaders will someday run the organization. It is paramount that they understand how innovation happens and can harness its potential.

The centerpiece of this experience is a three-day immersion in innovation. Participants will learn how to generate powerful ideas, build teams, think tactically, craft financial models and mitigate risk. Leadership and teamwork interventions will help participants hone soft skills. Pitching their ideas to senior leaders will provide invaluable feedback and ground projects in the organization's strategy.

The immersion is sandwiched between a virtual kick-off event (used to get participants excited, motivated and set-up for success) and a shark-tank-style pitch event where participants who excelled have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to senior leaders.

Participants will form teams and race through working sessions, checkpoints and on-demand coaching. They will generate breakthrough and incremental ideas and build real business cases. Learning will result from their experience; mistakes and successes alike. In the end, they will have honed the hard and soft skills required to make innovation happen at your organization.

Accelerate is an adventure and a challenge; a true microcosm of what it takes to innovate.

Performance Improvements