The Latest A.I. Skills

Quick, actionable lessons on key ChatGPT features and techniques

⚡ Lesson 1 » Lightning Fast Research

📝 Lesson 2 » Automated Assessments & Training

⏳ Lesson 3 » Massive Time Savings & A.I. Assistants

🦾 Lesson 4 » Can ChatGPT Do My Job?

Your Instructors

Image of Costa Michailidis

Costa Michailidis

Innovation Leadership Expert

Image of David Lomas

David Lomas

A.I. & Creativity Expert

  • Raised over 💵 $350 million through their workshops
  • Worked with NASA scientists and Fortune 500 business leaders
  • Over 20 years of high-level training and facilitation experience
  • Work on the bleeding edge of A.I. tech
  • Decades of experiece as computer programmers

David and Costa are some of the most skilled, experienced, and lighthearted instructors out there, with extensive experience in innovation and A.I. You could not be in better hands ðŸ˜Š

ChatGPT Powered Tools & Products

You can customize ChatGPT and use it to power your business

🥊 Demo 1 » The Leadership Gauntlet

🛍️ Demo 2 » Sales Role Play Trainer

📚 Demo 3 » Personalized Learning Pathways

Deep Dives & Extended Examples

Detailed explorations of powerful and valuable ChatGPT use cases

🎙️ Case Study 1 » Giving ChatGPT A Voice

📄 Case Study 2 » Accelerated Content Creation

📊 Case Study 3 » Embedding ChatGPT In Your Products

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