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ChatGPT Training

We build custom AI training for your business

Our custom ChatGPT training is tailored to suit your business' unique needs. Created by Innovation Leadership Expert Costa Michailidis and AI and Creativity Expert David Lomas, our ChatGPT training goes far beyond the usual tips and tricks, and shows you exactly how to grow your business with ChatGPT, and other AI tools.

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ChatGPT Master Class + Accelerator

Power your business with AI in just 2 days!

Join hundreds of other business owners and their team members in our 2-day online program. Day 1 is a master class in ChatGPT, and day 2 guides you step-by-step to actually implement AI in your business.

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World Class Misfits

Our team has raised over 💵 $1 billion in seed and grant funding for our clients through our workshops since 2012, and we can't wait to produce the same kinds of results for you!

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We are a small family of companies. Innovation Bound focuses on the business side. Knowinnovation focuses on innovation in the scientific community, and Inclusive Innovation focuses on innovation in the developing world.

We have worked with NASA on the search for life beyond Earth and in Latin America in search of more innovative and frugal farming techniques. We have layed the hammer down from New York to New Zealand, in multiple languages and across organizations large and small. It is our pride and joy to unlock your creative potential (now powered by AI)!

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Results & Testimonials

We have seen up to 2,000% productivity improvements! 50% cost reductions in content creation, improved client acquisition, new product capabilities, and lots more!

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Photo of Stefan Bozik

Stefan Bozik

The Zero to Hero ChatGPT Training workshop that Innovation Bound delivered for our Entrepreneurs' Organization event was a hit! The house was packed, there were tons of questions, engagement, and laughter. It was truly valuable to the community. Even the pre and post event materials and video media provided showed professionalism and a commitment to adding value throughout the engagement. Highly recommended.

Photo of Sarah Hunt

Sarah Hunt

Innovation Bound delivered fast! We needed a one day program to cover the basics, and show us how ChatGPT would affect our industry. They got it done in two weeks, and exceeded our expectations.

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