Strategic Insights For Workforce Develpment

Assessing skill at a granular level, leveraging A.I. in learning, and more strategic insights for your workforce

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Workforce strategist and author focused on the future of education

Workforce Strategist Michelle Weise joins the podcast for a dynamic and insightful strategic dialog, covering workforce development, A.I., and talent development.




The Last Great Transformation

Michelle shares her thoughts on how learning and workforce have undergone a digital transformation, what many of us may have missed, and where the real value is. Curiously, we are not investing in employees training like we used to. We're down to 11 hours of training per year.

The Next Great Transformation

Michelle shares her view on what the next great transformation in Learning & Development will be. She identifies a few trends that are converging to change what the competencies of the future employee looks like: Taking us from T-shaped learners to even more broad capabilities (the top of the T) and more than just one deep expertise (the tree trunk of the T).

Granular Skill Development

Michelle breaks down skill development from the broad to granular level, how we assess them, how we development them, and how A.I. can accelerate and enhance assessment and development.

Outdated Ways Of Assessing People

Interviews, degrees, resumes, our approaches to assessment are outdated. Michelle shares a series of insights on how to overcome the limitations of traditional assessments, for job candidates, but with careful attention to the risk associated with a new hire, and the need to make a great decision.

Did Your Job Exist 10 Years Ago?

Michelle elaborates on the Life Long Learning Mindset and how important it is in our fast-changing world, where students in college are being prepared (hopefully well-prepared) for jobs that don't exist yet.

ChatGPT for example is a piece of technology that people will need to learn across the workforce. In fact, we have a program on precisely this:

In Michelle's view, it is by proving that you have a Life Long Learner Mindset that you demonstrate for potential employers that you're capable of handling the changing job environment.

The Fitness Metaphor For Learning

Michelle gives her thoughts on Costa's fitness metaphor for soft skills and hard skills in workforce development, elaborating on forms of practice and training that ultimately lead to strong and valuable habit development.

The Power Of Reflection

Michelle recommends the practice of reflection as a key skill in improving your development. Reflecting on a customer interaction or conversation with an employee or manager can be the key to growth, and making reflection a habit can propel personal development.

Connect With Michelle

Michelle is a workforce strategist, a PhD, and the author of Long Life Learning.

You can also find her at


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