Photo of David Lomas

David Lomas

A.I. & Creativity Expert

David obtained 3 degrees and spent 12 years working in Computer Science, and then woke up one morning working in HR.

This slightly unorthodox career path was driven initially through his involvement in the Royal Mail Innovation Lab. Although The Lab grew from an initial need to help the organisation think through the future challenges posed by emerging technologies, it has evolved and transformed into a centre (Dave is British) where people from across the organisation (proper British) and beyond can bring any business issue, challenge or opportunity, and benefit from the subtle synthesis of creative processes and adept facilitation supported by a custom-built environment designed specifically to enable people to search out new and innovative solutions. David was a key member and leader of the Royal Mail Innovation Lab team that took The Lab from those humble beginnings to become a world renowned corporate centre for creativity and innovation.

David has been focused on organisational capability development ever since. He is a certified practitioner in Spiral Dynamics, Organisational Archetypes, Cognitive Edge Sensemaking methods, and Pentacle New World project management. He is also a regular participant and leader at the European Creativity Conference, CREA. He is an expert in CPS (Creative Problem Solving) and has been a lead contributor in tailoring CPS in applications across the scientific research community with our sister company, Knowinnovation.

He has long-standing expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, and has deployed his computer science expertise to enable scientific research development to happen in a virtual setting where previously it had been restricted to in-person conferences and workshops... enabling Knowinnovation to stand up in the face of a global pandemic and say, You cannot stop scientific innovation! This is just the latest in his efforts to digitize creativity and innovation, ultimately speeding up human progress and making the world a better place.

In other lives, Dave designs websites (mainly for contemporary British artists) and photographs weddings and portraits. He's also a keen amateur astronomer and currently trying to find time to build a small observatory in the South of France.