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Two Brains Diagram

Alive At Work

Vulnerability, diversity, and learning in the workplace

Laura Cutrona discusses assumption busting, leadership insights, and DEI best practices for organizational effectiveness.

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Episode 20 - Rebecca Daniel

Our Plastic Ocean Problem

Understanding the plastic plague in Earth's ocean

Rebecca Daniel helps us understand the massive, complex challenge of plastic ocean pollution and the hope there is for solutions.

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Are You Innovation Bound Episode 19

Hero's Journey

Everyone has a call to adventure, a challenging quest, a mighty adversary, a secret treasure, and a lesson learned

A deep dive on Joseph Campbell's work on The Hero's Journey and its many intersections with our modern lives and the stories we live.

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People Playing Chess

Design Your Endgame

How listening, purpose, and data contribute to innovation in learning and development

Julia Brandon talks about integrating data and analytics in talent management with an eye towards building trust and relationships at work. Opinions her own.

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Intersection At The Sea

At The Intersection Of Learning And Innovation

How do humans learn and grow and what's it got to do with making change?

A riveting intellectual adventure into the world of organizational psychology, learning and development, creativity, and innovation.

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Development At Work

Who Do You Think You Are?

Culture, Power, and Personal Development at Work

Bill Torbert talks stages of personal growth, eight types of power, and the real purpose of development.

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Destination by Arlette Diederiks

The Heart Of A Traveler

Three travelers rave and muse about the transformational potential of seeing the world.

Have you ever booked a one way plane ticket to somewhere you've never been? Have you been surrounded by people who speak a different language than your own? You might have the heart of a traveler.

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Learning With Amanda Wilson Carter

Learning Is An Epic Voyage

Take a look behind the scenes with Amanda Wilson Carter as she creates a new kind of educational experience.

Join Amanda Wilson Carter in her journey to merge science education with her passions for travel, creativity, design, and environmentalism. This episode is structured as a real time innovation coaching session in which Amanda sets out to imagine a new kind of educational experience.

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Photo Hunting by Casey Cooper

Casting Into The Unknown

The illuminating powers of fly fishing and photography

How fly fishing initiates a meditative state, how nature can help in drug and alcohol addiction, and what giving away the perfect photo can mean to a photographer.

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Photo Hunting by Andrew James Ferris

Chasing Curiosity

What if life were never meant to be ordinary in the first place?

Sci-fi musings and travel stories from long-time collaborator and friend Andrew James Ferris, and if you listen to the end, or just skip to the end, plans for a new adventure.

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Action Learning

Action Learning Deep Dive

What becomes possible when people learn by taking action to solve real problems? Listen close...

Our guest, Mies de Koning, takes us on a deep dive into Action Learning and its many lessons in the modern learning and development landscape.

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Guidebook in a Forest by Hitoshi Suzuki

A Learning Manager's Guide To Disruptive Markets

How to handle change, move with the market, and build incredible training programs

Rebecca describes how she handles disruptive market forces as a learning manager from the lens of a healthcare industry that's about to transform.

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Creativity 101 by James C. Kaufman

A Creativity Research Deep Dive

What does the research tell us about human creativity?

James Kaufman is a remarkably insightful creativity researcher. In this episode we dive deep into what the research tells us about human creativity.

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Guinness World Record

Key Learnings in Learning & Development

Lessons for enterprise from learning at universities, discussions about the latest learning tech, how to win a Guiness World Record, and more!

Our guest, Chrissy Roth Francis, shares her key learnings coming from a career in universities and transitioning into enterprise L&D.

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Virtual Teams

The Sound of a Better Place

What if corporate life is pushing us further and further into a nervous and stressful place within ourselves? What if there were another way?

Our guest Hilary Shaw demonstrates the effect of activating our parasympathetic nervous system in a world that constantly pushes us in the other, more stressful, direction.

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Virtual Teams

The Virtues of Virtual Teams

Exploring the emergence of virtual teams, and uncovering some best case practices with Monesh Bulchandani

Monesh and Costa both work on virtual teams, with teammates strewn across the globe, working primarily over chat and video conference systems. In this episode, they trade stories, best case practices, tips, and image how this trend of going virtual might impact the future of the work world.

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Inclusive Innovation Banner

Stories of Creativity and Inclusive Innovation

Reflecting on creativity and how inclusive innovation can help save the world with Maggie Dugan

Maggie Dugan takes us on a journey into the world of creativity facilitators and tells the story of the practice she founded at Inclusive Innovation.

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Adeel Hasan and Costa Michailidis

How Learning Keeps Pace in Our Fast-Changing World

An exploration of trends and changes in the L&D space with Adeel Hasan

Adeel Hasan explores change and disruption in the Learning & Development space, and recounts his own learnings in his career and life.

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Odyssey Works Artwork

Audience of One

What if you had an audience of only one person? ...a single customer? ...only one fan or follower?

Abraham Burickson shares his learnings from twelve years of building incredibly immersive experiences for an audience of just one person.

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Design Thinking Diagram

Make Things Better for People

Exploring the emergence and impact of Design Thinking with Toby Scott

Toby Scott tells the story of Design Thinking, and shows us just how powerful it can be in making things better for people.

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Face The Music Crew

The Musical Life

Exploring the intersections between music, learning, and leadership development with Paul Kwiecinski

Paul Kwiecinski shares stories and insights from his journey using music to create transformational learning experiences for business leaders.

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