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In February 2018, our team flew out to a beach town in Florida for our strategic retreat.

We invited a filmmaker friend to join us, and he produced the short film you just saw. No one has been able to capture our team's style and culture quite so well.

Thank you for this wonderful gift, sir : )

Who We Are

Today, we are a team of innovation facilitators and trainers working with scientists, business leaders, and other inspiring innovators on some of the most complex and pressing challenges our world faces.

Here is a short list of challenges we've worked on:

We didn't always do this kind of work. We came from all walks of life. Some of us were academics, entrepreneurs, creativity consultants, programmers, even accountants ; ) We were all misfits to start with, always trying to change things. Now changing things is our job... and we love what we do!


Our Sister Companies



Accelerating Scientific Innovation

Knowinnovation is the oldest company in our family and focuses on working with the scientific community. Our work in this domain began in the UK working with the EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Council), then spread to the National Science Foundation in the US, NASA, other research agencies, and various universities around the world.

The focus of Knowinnovation is to accelerate scientific innovation. We do this by bringing creativity principles into collaborative science events and communities. We've built consortia and online networks, produced conferences and other live events, and even produced the occasional virtual reality webinar. Our work always includes an interdisciplinary group of scientists and aims to solve a complex scientific challenge, or an educational or organizational challenge in the scientific community.


Inclusive Innovation

Including People Who Are Usually Excluded From The Process of Innovation

Inclusive Innovation was pioneered by Maggie Dugan who wanted to take our creativity expertise and apply it to help solve problems in the developing world. If we could help scientists solve unbelievably difficult challenges, surely we could contribute to the progress being made on sustainable development.

Inclusive Innovation has worked with the United Nations, various development banks, and NGO's across the developing world. We've worked on microlending projects, small holder farmer initiatives, sustainable transport, leadership development in science across Africa and Southeast Asia, and much more. This, always in the spirit of inclusivity and with our eyes set on making a meaningful and sustainable impact.

Currently, we're working directly on the SDG's:



Unlocking the human potential of the next generation

Beyonder was created by Ismet Mamnoon to help youth, parents, and educators prepare the next generation to be the most creative and impactful they can be.

A Beyonder is someone who can make the creative leap beyond what is usually expected. That means cultivating a creative mindset, being creative from the heart, and taking creative action when it matters most. A Beyonder thinks about, engages with, and responds to life creatively. At Beyonder, we take the mystery out of what it means to be creative. We make the nebulous concept of creativity tangible, actionable, and accessible. We work with youth, parents, and educators who can influence the next generation.


Innovation Bound

Finding, Inspiring, and Supporting the World's Innovators

Innovation Bound was founded by Costa Michailidis and Stavros Michailidis. We work with business leaders and top talent teams at enterprises and businesses across a broad range of industries.

We've built innovation tournaments inside of large tech companies, helped multinational organizations develop their own language of innovation to break through bureaucratic hangups, immersed top talent groups in creativity testing simulations, and more. Our goal is to build the innovation capability of individuals and enterprises, so that organizations can withstand the tsunami of disruption that's become typical in markets today, and further still, to blaze the trails and set the trends that change the world.