GoingBeyond Brainstorming

A Leonardo da Vinci Sketch

Leonardo da Vinci is a renown artist, scientist, engineer, mathematician, and a grandfather of innovation. Many great innovators have taken lessons from da Vinci, and continue to do so to this day.

Dynamic Learning

Immersive experiences that train innovation end to end

We train top talent and high potential groups in creativity and innovation. Our participants have gone on to create massive growth for their organizations.

Innovation Skills for Individual Contributors

Innovating in enterprises today requires far more than brainstorming skills. Our off-the-shelf and custom course offerings teach innovation end to end, and participants walk away with skills and new habits that help them craft sophisticated business cases, collaborate creatively with colleagues, and drive growth.

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Facilitating Innovation for Emerging Leaders

Middle managers play a crucial role in innovation. No matter what the CEO says in a speech, and no matter how hard the front lines try to be creative, the needle does not move until middle management skillfully leads the process. Participants will learn to facilitate innovation, measure progress, and establish a creative climate for their teams and business units.

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Breakthrough Innovation for Directors & Executives

Breakthrough is an extended learning journey for leaders looking to take their business units and departments to a totally new level. This experience dives deep into processes, structures and policy for innovation, risk management for innovation and various aspects of innovative cultures.

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Innovation Events

Assembling the team to accelerate innovation

Idea jams, sprints, innovation labs; these meetings have gone by many names. Their purpose? To generate ideas and make progress on innovation projects.

Creative Thinking Workshops

Half of innovation is being able to think differently; outside the box. Breakthrough demands it, and we deliver. Whether the starting point is a critical challenge, industry disruption, or a variety of insights, we facilitate workshops with a diverse set of participants from across the organization to leverage insight and imagination to tackle complex challenges and bring about powerful new ideas.

Grand Challenges & Innovation Tournaments

Innovation is an end-to-end process. Ideas are great, but the real work begins only after a great idea is hatched. We produce grand challenge events and innovation tournaments as a way to inspire and guide innovation from start to finish.

Best Meetings Ever

We've produced some of the most riveting meetings at organizations. Meetings? Yes, we know. Those boring things that usually disintegrate your soul. It's a little like cooking. Add a little imagination, infuse creative thinking, prime for breakthrough... Bam! Best meeting yet. You can do it too. We provide tools, guidance, coaching, emergency support and more, so that you can run meetings that will make your soul dance.

Coaching & Mentoring

We are the Aristotle to your Alexander

The ancient philosopher, scientist, father of western medicine and political science tutored Alexander the Great, who conquered the known world... We're not promising global domination, but hey, we can dream.

Innovation Support for Teams

For teams looking to step up their innovation game, we offer our leal counsel. We like to think of you as the all-star teams of your organizations. You are the teams with the discipline and attitude to change the company! We're here to help you make critical shifts and transform your trajectory.

Innovation Coaching for Leaders

Being innovative can be a unique experience. Natural born leaders take the helm when they know how to navigate their constituents to prosperous shores. Innovation is inherently an explorer's game: Leading with questions instead of answers or ideas, enjoying complexity and learning as you go, but knowing all along how to measure progress. Our coaching is designed to help you innovate and lead innovation within a corporate context, building credibility, yielding insight and ensuring progress.

Deep Inquiry & Transformation

For those with a true distaste for the status quo

The Googles and Amazons of the world have gone far beyond reasonable measures to be creative. They innovate by design. Their cultures, strategies, and organizational structures are built by innovators for innovators and yours can be too.

Innovation Tools & Processes

Organizations sometimes begin their innovation journeys by defining innovation as a community of people. This service takes that same ultra-custom approach down to the level of individual tools and processes, weaving innovation into the very fabric of the organization.

Innovation Cultures & Evangelism

Aristotle once said, We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. Teaching skills can be a good start, but in order to transform habits must be conquered. In addition, attitudes and beliefs must shift. By hacking habits and cultures, the organization can make innovation a natural consequence of its operation.