GoingBeyond Brainstorming

Leonardo da Vinci Sketches

Leonardo da Vinci is a renown artist, scientist, engineer, mathematician, and a grandfather of innovation. Many great innovators have taken lessons from da Vinci, and continue to do so to this day.

Dynamic Learning Experiences

We design and faciliate immersive learning experiences that harness your people's creative potential and accelerate innovation at your organization.

Innovation Bound started out by designing learning experiences from the ground up for enterprises looking to become better innovators. Over the years, after praise and awards, the best of those designs have been optimized, standardized, and are available to you out of the box.

We continue to offer custom innovation program design and delivery, for both in-person and digital audiences, at any level in your organization from the front lines all the way up to the C-suite. We specialize in top talent (aka high potential) programs.

Escape The Meeting

Learn creative problem solving in an immersive, collaborative game

Escape The Meeting is an immersive simulation for teams designed by Erica Swiatek, and Ismet Mamnoon at Innovation Bound to teach creative problem solving skills. It is based on the Creative Problem Solving model, embraces elements of gamification, and integrates elegantly with multiple assessments such as Myers-Briggs and Foursight.

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Innovation Tournaments

Are you up to the challenge?

Innovation Tournaments are dynamic, fast-paced, highly relevant, immersive experiences for top talent groups that teach innovation by doing innovation. They were created by Stavros Michailidis at Innovation Bound and have elements of gamification, Design Thinking, entrepreneurship, and several modern innovation methodologies.

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Discover your hidden innovation potential

Storymining is a learning-rich ethnographic activity created by Ismet Mamnoon at Innovation Bound and has its basis in two modern innovation methodologies, Appreciative Inquiry & Design Thinking, as well as the ancient craft of storytelling.

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Custom Learning Programs

Tailoring to your specific needs

When we set out to build a dynamic learning experience from scratch, we start with listening and analysis, aiming to deeply understand the needs and local realities at your organization. Then, we go through several design iterations, test those designs, and produce a pilot or series of pilots. Typically, pilots hit the mark, and we follow with optimizations and enhancements before a complete rollout. We follow up with impact studies and continual improvements.

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IBM's global survey of CEOs revealed Creativity as the number one skill required for new leaders... back in 2010! Innovation is squarely in center stage. The time to train your people in creative problem solving and innovation is now.


Consulting Services


Innovation Events

Assembling the team to accelerate innovation

Idea jams, sprints, innovation labs; these meetings have gone by many names. Their purpose? To generate ideas and make progress on innovation projects.

Half of innovation is being able to think differently; outside the box. Breakthrough demands it, and we deliver.

Whether the starting point is a critical challenge, industry disruption, or a variety of insights, we facilitate workshops with a diverse set of participants from across the organization to leverage insight and imagination to tackle complex challenges and bring about powerful new ideas.

Coaching & Mentoring

We are the Aristotle to your Alexander

The ancient philosopher, scientist, father of western medicine and political science tutored Alexander the Great, who conquered the known world... We're not promising global domination, but hey, we can dream.

Being innovative can be a unique experience. Natural born leaders take the helm when they know how to navigate their constituents to prosperous shores. Innovation is inherently an explorer's game: Leading with questions instead of answers, enjoying complexity and learning as you go, but knowing all along how to measure progress. Our coaching is designed to help you innovate and lead innovation within a corporate context, building credibility, yielding insight and ensuring progress.

Deep Inquiry & Transformation

For those with a true distaste for the status quo

The Googles and Amazons of the world have gone far beyond reasonable measures to be creative. They innovate by design. Their cultures, strategies, and organizational structures are built by innovators for innovators and yours can be too.

Organizations seeking to radically transform their capacity for innovation often begin their innovation journeys by coming up with their own unique definition of innovation. We begin here, and take that same ultra-custom approach down to the level of individual tools, processes, and habits, weaving innovation into the very fabric of the organization, and making innovation a natural consequence of its operation.


World Class


What you get when you go with an Innovation Bound project team

Innovation Bound is part of a family of innovation companies that consult on high level innovation projects.

We've worked on the search for life beyond Earth with NASA, on improving public health with the National Cancer Institute, on seeding innovation projects within large tech companies, on development projects across economically disadvantaged communities in Latin America, on circular economies for island nations in the EU, the future of airport security, building synthetic cells, launching swarms of toaster-sized satellites, and even more of some of the toughest, most complex innovation challenges out there.

We work on the bleeding edge, every day.

It is our pride, joy, and promise to help unlock your creative potential. You'll be surprised at what you can do...