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Maggie Dugan

Innovation Facilitator

With over fifteen years of experience in broadcasting as a journalist, a marketer and a manager, Maggie has an incredible grasp on the industry and innovation in corporate settings at large. She was Director of Marketing, Advertising and Promotion for WAAF-FM, President of the American Comedy Network, and Vice President of its parent company, NewCity Communications. When she moved to Europe she did new business development for United Press International and later became Vice-President of Emmis International, where she was responsible for the development of investment opportunities in international media throughout Europe.

Maggie has been a leader/presenter at creativity conferences worldwide, including the South African Creativity Conference, Creativity Istanbul, and the Intercultural Creativity conference in Brighton, UK. She has been a facilitator at the CREA European Creativity Conference, in Italy every year since its inception in 2003. Maggie is a faculty member, and frequent conference favorite at the Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI). She served on the Board of Trustees of the Creative Education Foundation from 1998 until 2003, and was Vice-President of this Board in 2002-2003. She was awarded the organization's Distinguished Leader Award in 1999.

Maggie is a graduate of Brown University with an A.B. in History and an A.B. in Semiotics. She doesn't mind traveling, which is good because her work takes her to the United States, Europe, South Africa and even New Zealand. She is based in Barcelona and keeps an office in Paris.

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