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Step-by-step guidance to power your business with AI!

Step 1 ยป Customization

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We learn your unique business priorities, then customize a ChatGPT training program tailor made for you.

Step 2 ยป Training

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We deliver your customized training program online or in-person to you and your team.

Step 3 ยป Implementation

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We support, coach, and work directly with you to build your AI solutions, so you can be certain to boost business results!

Master Trainers

We have trained NASA scientists & Fortune 500 leaders

Costa Michailidis

ChatGPT for Small Business Expert

David Lomas

AI & Creativity Expert

With decades of expertise in business training and computer programming, David and Costa have helped raise over $350 million in seed and grant funding through their workshops. They are some of the most skilled and lighthearted instructors out there. You're in good hands ๐Ÿ˜Š

Important Questions

As a small business owner, why should I care about ChatGPT and AI?

  1. Will ChatGPT affect my small business?

    โ†’ Nearly all small businesses will be affected.

  2. We already use ChatGPT.

    โ†’ We'll take you to a whole other level!

  3. What kinds of results can we expect from your ChatGPT training?

    โ†’ Massive gains in productivity and time savings!

  4. Can you guarantee results?

    โ†’ Absolutely! We can build a guarantee to suit your needs.

  5. How much does Custom ChatGPT Training cost?

    โ†’ Custom ChatGPT Training starts from $9,000 + $90 per person.

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Photo of Clayton Turner

Clayton Turner
Serial Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur with a multimillion-dollar exit, Costa's ChatGPT keynote workshop was epic. He got everyone in the room to grasp the gravity of the situation AI has created for small business, and showed people exactly how to leverage this opportunity to grow their businesses.

Photo of John Bielinski Jr. MS

John Bielinski Jr. MS
Small Business Owner

Costa and his team helped us use ChatGPT to reduce our customer service costs by over 90%, more than double our marketing content production, and build a new AI-powered prototype. Itโ€™s the creative thinking! He thinks about ways to use AI that are truly original, crafty, and ultimately enormously valuable without getting stuck in the complex technicals.

Photo of Gary Bond

Gary Bond
Executive Leadership Coach

This ChatGPT training covered many aspects of AI in a very useful workshop format. Innovation Bound's team of engaging specialists covered a wide range of topics and saved hours and hours of time to learn about ChatGPT. I appreciated seeing examples of business solutions and the technical overview of how to build those solutions. This is one of the more valuable workshops I have attended this year.

Photo of Mel Piasecki

Mel Piasecki
Senior Manager at Amgen

Innovation Bound guided us along a series of ChatGPT workshops in bite-sized lessons through a comprehensive curriculum. They emphasized the importance of responsible and mindful usage of this new tech while giving us the tools and guidance to be creative and innovative. Thank you for an incredible month of learnings!

Photo of Steven Elkington

Steven Elkington
Aberdeen Inc.

As a team with mixed tech savvy, we found Innovation Bound's ChatGPT Training enormously valuable. Their ChatGPT Primer helped get everyone up to speed with how to use the tool in their day-to-day, and helped us understand the possibilities beyond. We will certainly look to them again in the future.

Photo of Nikos Polidis

Nikos Polidis
Director at Experiential Training

The team at Innovation Bound have been incredibly generous, professional, and in the end valuable to myself and my colleagues through their ChatGPT training program. For many of us new technologies move fast and are difficult to understand. Innovation Bound made it simple to understand and use ChatGPT to do truly incredible things.

Our Custom ChatGPT

You can chat with our custom version of ChatGPT here. Careful, we've programmed ours to be a snarky, sarcastic sales person for our Custom ChatGPT Training.

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