Why ChatGPT Training?

10x productivity boosts and unique customer value

We have guided teams in inventing ways to use ChatGPT to boost productivity, and in creating new value for customers. A.I. has incredible potential from HR to project management, to marketing, and beyond.

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We've already served teams and companies across a broad range of industries, and we can't wait to show you what you can do with ChatGPT.

Testimonials & Praise

Photo of Sarah Hunt

Sarah Hunt

Innovation Bound delivered fast! We needed a one day program to cover the basics, and show us how ChatGPT would affect our industry. They got it done in two weeks, and exceeded our expectations.

💻 ChatGPT Primer

One 90-minute interactive online session with live instruction that packs a punch!

  • Brief Technical Overview of ChatGPT
  • Crafting Prompts for High Quality Results
  • Basic Use Cases & Practice Exercises
  • Foundational Habits for Working With A.I.

$1,500 + $150 per person
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🚀 Innovator Bundle

Three 90-minute interactive sessions to launch your team ahead of the pack!

  • Basic to Advanced Prompting for Valuable Results
  • Full Under The Hood ChatGPT Technical Overview
  • ChatGPT Browsing, Plugins & Beta Features
  • How to Build Custom ChatGPT Tools & Products
  • Creativity & Innovation in the Age of A.I.

You get access to over 10 hours of video lessons and new videos for each major ChatGPT update!

$3,000 + $300 per person
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🏢 Enterprise Pack

Custom in-person training program covering all the key basics beyond!

  • Basic, Advanced & Custom Prompting Techniques
  • Extended Technical Deep Dive of ChatGPT
  • Made-to-Measure ChatGPT Hackathon
  • Rapid Prototyping for A.I. Powered Tools
  • Comprehensive Hands On Training & Coaching

Includes video lessons as prep and follow-up reinforcement learning.

From $9,000 + $450 per person
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