Finding The Wild Within

Can you keep calm under extraordinary pressure?

Deep down... we're animals, born of the wild.

For thousands of years, we were set in bloody competition for scarce meals in a ferociously rugged yet beautiful, elegant world. Those are our roots, the crucible in which we became the dominant species of our planet, and in which we understood the harmony that held the elements of our environment in balance.

That original combination of ferocity and wisdom, the wild within, is something most of us will never experience, until now...

Join innovation consultant and freediving instructor Costa Michailidis, wildlife physiology professor Amanda Wilson Carter, and world champion freediver and founder of Freediving Instructors International Martin Stepanek on your next executive leadership retreat or training program.

Film and photography are provided by our expedition photographer Andrew James Ferris 📷

Learning Objectives

Participating executives will be taught how to tap into their mammalian diving reflex (one aspect of the wild within each of us), achieving breath holds of up to three minutes, and diving on a single breath as deep as 66 feet below the surface of the water, where the atmospheric pressure the body experiences triples. (Participants need not hit these maximums to experience their mammalian diving reflex and benefit from the breathing techniques taught in the course.)

Are you able to keep calm under extraordinary pressure? In order to be an innovator, in order to dominate your market, you better be!

This course will cover:

  • Breathing techniques originally developed for high performance freediving, but fully functional in the boardroom and other high pressure, high stakes situations common for executive-level leaders.
  • Innovation techniques, methods, and more tailored to the participating executives (managing for innovative outcomes, building a culture of innovation, managing a portfolio of innovation initiatives, and beyond).
  • Optional corporate social responsibility opportunities in innovative environmental restoration efforts.

Do your executives lead from behind a desk, or will they dive in and lead by example?

Additional Details

Finding The Wild Within can be utilized as a leadership retreat experience (leaving time for working sessions and providing professional retreat facilitation services) or as a complete learning program to meet specific learning objectives.

The learning program can be tailored extensively, incorporate a broad set of learning objectives and resources, and be customized to meet your needs.

Recommended locations for this program include Kona (Hawaii), San Diego, and Florida.

A basic medical clearance is required for freediving, and for those who opt not to dive, a companion snorkeling activity, (epic unto itself 😉) is provided.