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Stavros Michailidis

Founder & Executive Innovation Consultant

Stavros is an expert in innovation and business creativity. He empowers executives leading their organizations in becoming more innovative.

In today's disruptive landscape, and with automation and artificial intelligence transforming one industry after the next, creativity has become a key competence for driving innovation, surviving in a fast changing environment, and forging market leadership. He has consulted with executives at Fortune 500 enterprises, as well as directors at NASA and other agencies, in the US and abroad.

An entrepreneur by nature, he has successfully undertaken both commercial and not-for-profit ventures. Stavros has been a professor of entrepreneurship, a trusted advisor on innovation initiatives including the future of airport security, climate change, the future of medicine, innovations in the developing world, cyber security, and has helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars in research funding. He conducts creativity research and guest lectures at the University level, and is a award-winning presenter at innovation conferences. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Project Management and a Master of Science in Creative Studies. He also holds various professional certificates including a graduate certificate in Creativity and Change Leadership.

These days, he's working extensively with the scientific community at our sister company, Knowinnovation.

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What if ideas had momentum? Could we measure it, change it, understand it? Watch Stavros' Talk at TEDxGramercy.

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