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Tim Dunne

Innovation Facilitator

Tim is an author, European Regional Toast Masters champion, advisor to European tech startups and nonprofits, and one of our most humorous and popular trainers.

Tim's background is extensive and diverse. He has worked with large corporations and start up companies, government agencies and global nonprofits. He's helped scientific researchers raise over $100 million dollars in research funding. He himself has sold over a billion dollars in loan products. His ability to help organizations produce results this impactful comes in part from his mastery of innovation techniques from Design Thinking to CPS (Creative Problem Solving), and from his own refined skill in business development.

Tim's focus is breakthrough learning that invites new behaviors to emerge from immersive learning experiences and thoughtful coaching. Tim has worked with organizations including Coca-Cola International, NASA, Astra-Zeneca, The National Science Foundation, Cartier, the University of Greenwich Business School, Deutsche Bank, and the World Bank.

Tim's book, Never Be Closing, written with Tim Hurson, explores the natural marriage between selling and Creative Problem Solving. The best sales people use their creativity to find and solve problems.

Content from Tim

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