Photo of Andrew James Ferris

Andrew James Ferris

Digital Storyteller & Expedition Photographer

Andrew's is a staggeringly ordinary life that, mercifully, spun off course rather early.

When Andrew was ten years old, his family moved to Papua New Guinea, where he grew up immersed in the jungles and cultures of the world's largest tropical island. He found a curiosity there that he's been chasing around the world ever since.

Andrew is a freediver, a musician, an artist, a photographer, a drone operator, and an audio/video engineer. At various times Andrew has hung his hat and camera in London, New York, Beer Sheva, Anuradhapura, and several other cities that he's used as jumping off points to explore and photograph some of the most remote and beautiful places on Earth. Andrew's passport is a wrinkly, leathery old book stamped with ink from around the world. Andrew has lived a life that has uniquely suited him to excavate, shape, and share digital stories in our increasingly connected world. Philosophically inclined as it may be, the best way to understand Andrew is perhaps as a medium through which the world is getting to know itself.

When he's not hanging off the side of a roaring Sri Lanken communter train, sneaking the perfect shot of the elephants at bathtime, or catching a much needed nap on a riverboat in the Peruvian Amazon, he is bolted to the chair with the glow of dual monitors on his face as he mixes sounds, videos, and photos into wild and expressive digital content.

Andrew met his wife while they were both studying at Messiah College in Pennsylvania and they currently live in San Diego, where Andrew is a somewhat obsessive gardener cultivating over 60 different species of plants around his home.

Oh! Almost forgot. Somewhere in a dusty drawer he's got a master's degree in international human rights too.