A Learning Manager's Guide To Disruptive Markets

How to handle change, move with the market, and build incredible training programs

Photo of Rebecca Canate
Rebecca Canate
PhD, MBA, a skilled HR professional and passionate talent developer

Rebecca describes how she handles disruptive market forces as a learning manager from the lens of a healthcare industry that's about to transform.




Meet Rebecca Canate

Rebecca is a Learning Manager at McKesson, a PhD, and one of the most clear, crisp, and insightful communicators we've had on the podcast.

The First Challenge Of Leadership

Rebeccas descibes how, getting results through other people, is the first challenge of leadership, and it hits many people pretty hard when they first get promoted into a leadership position.

Healthcare Industry Overview

A storm of innovation and disruption has blasted through industry after industry. Healthcare might be next. Rebecca discusses the glimpses of innovation headed into healthcare.

Entertainment VS Training

Rebecca talks to us about how to measure the effectiveness of training, and avoid the trap of measuring reaction data (entertainment).

How To Market Training Programs

Rebecca describes how she draws people into training programs and demonstrating the business value of training.

Healthy Narcissism

Rebecca talks about self-care and how it plays into training program considerations. People care about themselves, and training programs should too. This self care can get tricky. Rebecca elaborates.

Favorites Of Psychology

Rebecca shouts out her favorite researchers, movements, and concepts in psychology. Training and development puts psychology to practice, and these are some of the amazing researchers enabling the field to progress.