Photo of Erica Swiatek at Escape 3600

Erica Swiatek

Innovation Facilitator

Erica blends her expertise in the fields of innovation, learning and development and playfulness to create accelerated activities, courses and programs. These courses give individuals and teams the tools and skills that transform their meetings, problem solving skills and team.

She has several years of experience working with large call centers and health insurance companies. She has helped companies revamp systems, programs and processes to be more efficient and effective, including revamping a new hire program and reducing the learning curve from six months to six weeks. Her work in learning and development has also led to publishing an article on how playfulness impacts learning in the Big Questions of Creativity book.

Erica’s work in the field of play also includes owning an escape room called 3600 Escape. An escape room is an adventure game where participants find clues, solve puzzles to escape the room or accomplish a task. She has also combined this experience with a debrief or preference indicator’s such as Myers-Briggs or FourSight. To make this learning more accessible to large corporations she is working on a portable escape room.

Erica graduated from SUNY Buffalo State with a Master’s of Science in Creativity and Change Leadership. Her passion for the program led to becoming an adjunct faculty at the school where she teaches Creative Problem Solving classes at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.