Enjoy The Process

Costa Michailidis -

I'd like to dedicate this article to my team here at Innovation Bound and anyone with dreams to accomplish something extraordinary ðŸ˜ƒ

Our cofounder having some fun in the Costa Rican jungle.

You Are Always Training

If you think about it, we're always training (or being trained).

You are constantly being conditioned by your environment, by your friends, the media, your parents, those you allow to influence you, and everything else around you. You are always training.

Whether you choose to own the process is up to you, and might just change your fate.

Welcome to Gymnastics... Enjoy the Process.

It was written in big bold font on a little 8½ by 11 sign on the door of the Flushing Armory, where I did gymnastics.

And what a process it was.

The buckets of blood, sweat, and tears drawn in that place... A testament to just how mighty our challenge was, just how deep we had to dig to overcome it, and just how long, painful, and brutal that process was.

If you cannot enjoy the process, if you cannot find joy in the throes of combat, being beaten down by injury, frustrated by blind spots, and shamed by shortcomings... Then improving yourself will remain beyond you.

You must love the battlefield of life with all your heart ðŸ’›

You must relish in every tiny mistake, smile at every fault, laugh at yourself, and with infinite patience, get up, and try again.

You must learn to love the process. This is the rock solid foundation upon which an innovator builds herself, or himself.

How Flimsy is Your Happiness?

Look in the mirror and ask yourself, “How flimsy is my happiness?”

Is your happiness only strong enough to handle mild traffic? Are you only happy if the air conditioning is at precisely 72 degrees? Are you happy until a song you don't like comes on the radio? Or until you get a text message from someone you don't like? Can your happiness handle a crowded subway car or someone spilling coffee on you? Are you unhappy when your flight is delayed even though you're flying New York to California in 5 hours? Is that too slow for you? Are you happy until the WiFi goes out?

It's astonishing how spoiled most of us have become. All it takes is for the tinest thing to be uncomfortable, and suddenly we're frustrated or upset or irritable. Maybe... we should be a little embarrassed?

Maybe 🙂

No one is saying that horrible things don't happen in life. Of course they do, but perhaps we ought to tilt a bit toward gratitude and away from spite.

It's amazing how much lighter you feel, and how much more capable you become when you just let go of all the frustration and negativity, when you just stop carrying it around. Let it all go, and enjoy the birds chirping, or the cars honking their horns, the children playing, your annoying family member just... being herself, or himself.

Life is too short. Fall in love with it, relish every moment, and... enjoy the process.