An innovation journey for leaders

The CEO is preaching innovation from the bridge. The rank and file are at the oars ready to move ahead. The innovation wave still hasn’t happened.

Middle managers control the tide that either fills or drains the waterways.

IB’s Breakthrough Leadership program takes managers to blue oceans on three ships. First, managers develop real innovation projects with measurable goals and ROI. Second, they deploy evidence-based techniques to enable their teams to innovate too. Third, managers form a peer network so nobody walks the innovation plank alone.

Typically run as a 6-month journey, Breakthrough Leadership is an opportunity for transformation. Participants come together at three milestone workshops for immersive training from innovation subject matter experts. Along the way they receive small group coaching and conduct fieldwork. They learn to embrace their own innovative potential, to cultivate that of their constituencies and to collaborate across the organization.

Performance Improvements