Tailoring an innovation program to fit your needs

Sometimes the perfect learning experience doesn’t come right out of the box. Innovation Bound built its business on creating high quality custom learning programs in innovation. Creating learning experiences that are perfect for our clients is what we take pride in.

Our approach has been refined to produce the best results possible:

  1. Explore organizational success stories and obstacles to understand the local innovation landscape.
  2. Iterate through learning program designs in an Agile fashion, making measured strides forward in the program design.
  3. Incorporate relevant subject matter expertise, battle-tested lessons from previous program designs, existing innovation successes and strengths at the organization, and relevant state of the art insights from academia.
  4. Deliver the pilot program(s) and identify opportunities for enhancements and optimizations.
  5. Roll the training program out to the full audience.
  6. Support the program with optional coaching, mentoring, and bite-size digital content.
  7. Measure training outcomes with impact studies and make continual improvements to the program.

Our Philosophy