Innovating in a Crisis

Earthquakes, pandemics, economic shocks, and internet memes... How to make your business resilient to all kinds of crises and disasters

A Hurricane Harvey first response team planning session

There is always a crisis coming.

It could be an earthquake, an act of war, a pandemic, it could be an economic or political shock, even a pop sensation or internet meme! Remember when people poured ice water on themselves and raised $115 million dollars for ALS? Behold the power of internet crazes!

At this event you’ll learn how to think about crises, how to be prepared, and even how to be ready to pounce on opportunity and innovate through the next crisis. Fun fact: Economic studies demonstrate that more innovations happen during economically challenging times than economically good times.

Go From Ideas to Action

At this event you'll hear from experts in lightning talks, but you'll also roll your sleeves up and do the work needed to make those ideas actionable. You'll return to your job with ideas that can have impact.

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Learn how to prepare for a crisis, and even seize the crisis as an opportunity to innovate

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