Secrets of the Innovative Business Developer

Using creativity to massively boost lead generation

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Have you ever received spam? Robo calls? LinkedIn requests from people you don't know?

This is most people's experience of your lead generation activity. It has no value add, or relevance. It's unprompted and annoying. It's the equivalent of a child tugging on Mommy's sweater repeatedly calling, "Mom... Mom, mom, mom! Mom!!!"

Is that what you want to be?

Harsh words. Tough love. Much needed.

Sales can be better than this!

It can add real value to the prospective customer. The process can be fun. It can even be profitable to the business doing the selling.

Wait, what?!

Think for a moment that there are millions of people out there who will go to YouTube and watch an ad, before they watch a movie trailer. A movie trailer is an ad! Yet, it's such an awesome form of advertisement, that they'll suffer a lesser ad, so that they can watch the trailer. The ad actually makes money! How badass is that?

Wouldn't you prefer your sales activities to be cherished like that?

Getting to the Next Level

Join this training program to learn from experts as well as your peers, to adapt ways of using creativity in your lead generation activities, and to become an innovative business developer!

By the end of the program, you will have concrete new lead generation tactics to test, a large support network, and a new perspective on just how innovative business development can be.

Event Details

General Tickets » $290

Early Birds » $190

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Training Begins Now

Post a Video & Apply to Speak

Our training program has already begun, by collecting stories and ideas from business developers—that's you!—and buyers. These stories and ideas will serve as inputs for our training program, informing us of the details, nuance, and context surrounding the challenge at hand: How to boost lead generation?

Here's how to get started:

  1. On video, in 90 seconds or less, answer the question of the day » Current Question
  2. Post your video on LinkedIn along with this short link: and an @-mention to Innovation Bound.
  3. Feel free to include relevant hashtags. We usually use #creativity and #innovation.

Three submitters will be invited to headline the event, receive TED style speaker coaching, and have their talks filmed by expedition photographer Andrew James Ferris.

It takes less than five minutes to apply. Go for it!

Productivity Tip: It's a 90-second video. Do it now, or schedule it in your calendar ; )

Your Facilitators

Tim DunneCosta Michailidis

Tim Dunne and Costa Michailidis have been facilitating innovation projects and training programs with the likes of NASA, Fortune 500 companies, and the United Nations for a combined 42 years; mostly Tim ; )

Tim has coauthored a book, Never Be Closing, on using creativity to elevate sales results, and has sold over a billion dollars worth of products and services over his career, not to mention funds raised for nonprofits and startups.

You're in good hands. This is going to be fun!

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