Help Us Build a School For Kids In Haiti

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Video by Andrew James Ferris

Building an Earthship in Haiti

We're sending our cofounder to Haiti, along with a global team of volunteers, to build an Earthship school!

What's an Earthship?

Earthships are structures built in a style of architecture known as biotecture and pioneered by Michael Reynolds that address six aspects of sustainable living:

  1. Food
  2. Energy
  3. Clean Water
  4. Shelter
  5. Waste Management
  6. Sewage Treatment

These structures are beautiful, independant (can even be off the grid), and completely sustainable. They collect and clean rainwater, treat their sewage, generate electricity, grow food, and they're built from used tires, bottles, cans, and other trash! They're all kinds of innovative! Learn more about Earthships here »

A Sustainable School

From January 6th to 31st 2020, Costa, our cofounder, as part of a group of volunteers from around the world will join an Earthship Academy in Haiti.

The mornings will be spent learning the concepts of biotecture and how to build Earthships, and the afternoons will be spent applying these learnings and building a school on a small island off the coast of Port-au-Prince called La Gonâve.

Local residents will also have access to the morning courses so they can learn Earthship concepts and adapt them for their local reality. We may be building one school, but the locals attending the academy can go on to build many more.

Scroll down to learn more about the program, how you can contribute and get involved, but first we'd like to ask for your help spreading the word.

Help Us Spread The Word

If you can think of anyone from Haiti, or someone with a passion for youth and education, or someone who cares about sustainability and the environment, please share this page with them!


$0 raised so far

Group Goals

$500 - Haiti Earthship Report

We reached the $500 milestone!

Costa will produce and publish a report detailing learnings from the Earthship Academy and sharing stories about the impact we made on the kids and the school there.

This will be a way we can all learn about how to live more sustainably, and celebrate the contributions we made helping to build a school.

$1,000 - Podcasting The Haiti Earthship Adventure

If we raise $1,000 total, we will produce a podcast covering the experience and lessons learned in Haiti in more detail.

$3,000 - Webinar & AMA

If we raise $3,000 total, Costa will host a webinar and AMA (Ask Me Anything) for all the contributors of the project.

$5,000 - 3D Printer Donation

If we raise $5,000 total, we will donate a 3D printer to the school in Haiti. 3D printers are some of the latest tech, but are also extrordinarily flexible in their many applications, and quite repairable and maintainable. They may very well play a central role in the next way of development in emerging economies. Let's get these kids started early!

$25,000 - Filming The Haiti Earthship Adventure

If we raise $25,000 total, we will enlist an award-winning film crew to come to Haiti and film our project there as a way to share this story with the world on the web.

You'll be invited to the premier!

$100,000 - Building Another Earthship

If we raise $100,000 total, we will build another Earthship! No joke : ) We're not set on location yet, but we have begun conversations with potential partners in Greece and Costa Rica. We're also thinking of giving contributors like yourself one night's stay in the Earthship. We'll update this milestone as we get closer and have more clarity.

Individual Rewards

$90 - Join The Innovation Bound Community

If you contribute $90 or more, you can join the Innovation Bound Community, a program we're launching in 2020 to develop world class creativity and innovation training programs and social entrepreneurship projects. We create training programs for the world's biggest enterprises, and the world's leading scientists, and we're thrilled to offer those same creativity and innovation benefits to individuals on the web.

$390 - The Change Maker Within

If you contribute $390 or more, Costa will run a 90-minute innovation coaching session with you. Creativity is in all of us, and harnessing it can help us lead meaningful change in our own lives and in the work we do that contributes to our communities and companies. Learn about this and other innovation training services here »


Thank you so much!