How Learning Keeps Pace in Our Fast-Changing World

An exploration of trends and changes in the L&D space with Adeel Hasan

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Adeel Hasan
Learning & Leadership Development at Amazon

Adeel Hasan explores change and disruption in the Learning & Development space, and recounts his own learnings in his career and life.




The International Student Organization Where It All Began

Adeel and Costa are two of over a million alumni of AIESEC, an international internship organization built by and for university students after World War II as a way to develop cultural understanding and promote peace post war.

Adeel talks about his lessons learned back then that he has carried forward in his career and life.

From Mauritius to Amazon

Adeel talks about his career journey. After building an AIESEC chapter in Mauritius, he returned to Pakistan, his home country, and joined a boutique learning and development consulting firm. He continued his journey with an MBA in the US. Amazon recruited him straight out of his MBA program.

Adeel's Role at Amazon

Adeel talks about his role in a learning and development team at Amazon, and what it means to be part of a Day 1 organization.

For context, here's Jeff Bezos answering, What does day two look like at Amazon?

When Things Change so Fast, Why Bother Learning?

What is the role of learning in the face of so much disruptive change happening so quickly?

Adeel talks about why and how learning must be the way we face the disruptive change that's become so prevalent in the business landscape, by sharing a little bit about his son and lessons from life at home.

The Tables Have Turned

Is the onus now on non-tech people to learn tech? For years the onus was on tech people to learn people skills, to overcome their social awkwardness and thrive in the workplace, but with so many large organization led by people with technology backgrounds, perhaps now the onus is on non-tech people to learn enough tech to speak the language.

Digital Disruptions in Learning

Adeel talks about the impending onslaught of technology's disruption in learning and development. Everything is going digital, and tech is not only making learning cheaper or faster, it's transforming it, and that changes everything.

What Happens to In-Person, After Digital Takes Over?

Costa and Adeel explore what non-obvious things may happen as a result of the increasing quantity of digital, and blended, learning experiences. Will in-person experiences simply be replaced, or will something less predictable happen?

How Is Globalization Going?

Adeel and Costa, as alumni of AIESEC, have a common background in working on the intercultural aspects of global exchange (exchange of people, ideas, cultures, values, and more). In this segment, they explore the progress and lessons of globalization in recent decades.

Advice to MBA Students

Adeel gives his advice to MBA students and others entering the business world today, touching on intercultural issues, learning from antropology and Rocky Balboa, and giving the dogma a chance.