Learning Is An Epic Voyage

Take a look behind the scenes with Amanda Wilson Carter as she creates a new kind of educational experience.

Photo of Amanda Wilson Carter
Dr. Amanda Wilson Carter, PhD
Amanda Wilson Carter is a post-doctoral fellow with the American Association of University Women at the University of Tennessee.

Join Amanda Wilson Carter in her journey to merge science education with her passions for travel, creativity, design, and environmentalism. This podcast is structured as a real time innovation coaching session in which Amanda sets out to imagine a new kind of educational experience.




A Podcast Is Not A Podcast

This podcast is structured as a coaching session, in which Costa and Amanda go through a variety of different practices in developing Amanda's vision for a new kind of educational experience.

It begins by exploring Amanda's motivations, challenges, and ultimately identifying her primary goal.

Tools For Exploring The Challenge Landscape

Here we take a quick pause to identify the thinking tools we're using to explore Amanda's challenge landscape.

What Might Be All The Educational Travel Adventures?

Let's blow up the study abroad model!

Amanda and Costa generate lots of ideas on how Amanda might package her educational content into a new product.

Metrics Of Success

How will Amanda measure success? How will she know she's achieved her desired outcomes, or is making progress toward them?

Summarizing The Plan & Identifying Next Steps

Amanda and Costa recap the podcast and talk through Amanda's next steps. Amanda will have a few homework assignments for her project launching a new kind of educational travel experience.