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What if life were never meant to be ordinary in the first place?

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Digital Storyteller and Expedition Photographer at Innovation Bound

Sci-fi musings and travel stories from long-time collaborator and friend Andrew James Ferris, and if you listen to the end, or just skip to the end, plans for a new adventure.




Meet Andrew James Ferris

Andrew has lots count of how many countries he's live in and traveld to. He is an expedition photographer, a digital storyteller, an artist, musician, and much more...

The Moral Implications of our Expanding Technology

Why isn't the future here already?! Andrew and Costa muse about the implications of our expanding technology. Reversing aging, runaway nanotech, engineering viruses... It seems we are almost certainly doomed, but then that's using today's thinking about tomorrow's problems.

We Infuse Meaning into our Lives Through Identification with Story

Is a human life just a serious of random chaotic events? Or can human life have a meaning? As a traveler Andrew has had the fortune of getting to know a variety of human civilizations. One thing he's developed an intimate understanding of is how humans across cultures infuse meaning into their lives by identification with story.

Navigating a Digital Dimension Made of Ideas

We used to tell stories around a fire. Today, with the internet, that storytelling circle has room for all of us... but what happens when we all join in, and how does the digital dimension change story, storytelling, and its effects on us?

Telling Your Own Story - Digital Storytelling for Businesses

How does the internet change storytelling, and what does that mean for businesses and individuals? Things that used to cost lots of money are basically free now, and problems you used to be able to solve with a healthy budget, now you can't solve no matter how much money you spend. How do you navigate the digital dimension if you're in the marketplace?

The Novelty Factor - What Makes an Expedition?

What's the difference between a day at the beach and a voyage across a desert? What makes one just a trip, and the other an expedition?

The Frontiers of Digital Storytelling: VR and Beyond

What is on the horizon when it comes to digital storytelling, and what is waiting beyond?


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