The Heart Of A Traveler

Three travelers rave and muse about the transformational potential of seeing the world

Photo of Arlette Diederiks
Arlette Diederiks
Arlette Diederiks is a sustainable travel expert and passionate world traveler.

Have you ever booked a one way plane ticket to somewhere you've never been? Have you been surrounded by people who speak a different language than your own? You might have the heart of a traveler...




Meet Your Travel Junkies

Starting with a laugh, meet our hosts, guest, and get to know their quirks and backgrounds. Arlette is a globe trotting, dutch mother, currently living in Portugal. Andrew is a musician, well-traveled expedition photographer and digital storyteller, and Costa is equally passionate about seeing the world, a freediver, and innovation consultant traveling for business and pleasure always.

Past The Tourist Vale

How do you go past the tourist vale and make it through to see the way they live in another place? Most places you might travel to put up a front for tourists, and staying in that front, you only ever experience a thin vernier of the culture. Oh, but if you go beyond...

Favorite Destinations

Think of a place you've traveled to that you loved so much that you want to return. Hear recommendations from our three world travelers.

Namely, Greece, Bermuda, Brazil, The Maldives, and a whole lot more.

Sailing To Save The Oceans

Arelette is partnering with us to combat plastic ocean pollution on our Sailing To Save The Oceans project. It's and epic project. You should check it out!

The Designer Travel Digital Guide

Arlette shares a sneak peak of her upcoming travel guide. If you're planning on setting out on your first ecotourism adventure or you want to be a more sustainable travler, Arlette is making her accumulated travel wisdom available to you.

The Double-Edged Nature Of Your Camera

Is the camera a crutch or a tool? What is the role of photography in your travels? Andrew takes us on a short exploration, and shares some unique insights.

Might Travel Make The World A Better Place?

Maybe... but maybe not!

Travel & Innovation

Costa shares a little about how travel relates to creativity and innovation, with a little Greek pride sprinkled in there.

Who Would You Send?

A fun closing question: If you could choose anyone to send anywhere, who would you send, where, and with what mode of transport?