Casting Into The Unknown

The illuminating powers of fly fishing and photography

Photo of Casey Cooper
Casey Cooper
Casey Cooper is coast guard licensed captain, fly fishing guide, nature photographer, and all around wilderness adventurer

How fly fishing initiates a meditative state, how nature can help in drug and alcohol addiction, and what giving away the perfect photo can mean to a photographer.




The Most Remote Location In Costa Rica

Andrew and Casey recount how they met in Costa Rica in a super remote location on the Osa Penninsula.

In case you want to visit, this is that prinstine, beautiful location:

Shooting In Paradise

Casey Cooper is a film-maker, a photographer, and a fly fishing aficionado. Listen to Andrew and Casey muse about the raw nature of taking photos in a pristine, beautiful location.

A Perfect Picture

Casey talks about what it feels like to get a perfect picture. It's rare, and photographers are their own greatest critics, and even with the pressure they put on themselves there is occasionally a flawless photo, and how much it can mean.

Creativity & Masculinity

How do you shed the stereotype and embrace your full self? Casey talks about being able to check someone on a hockey rink in the morning, and capture the beauty of a flower in a photograph in the setting sunlight.

The Calm Meditation of Fly Fishing

Casey talks about fly fishing as a connection to nature, and as a meditative craft.

Fishing Adventures

The city dweller has so much to learn from adventuring in nature, from being calm in the wilderness, to recognizing a blueberry while it's still growing on the bush. Fly fishing is a small piece of the wonder people experience on Casey's trips.

Warning! Approaching Nature.

Nature is wild. Risk is part of the job. Casey shares stories of encounters with wild animals and other dangers that are an unavoidable reality when braving the wilderness.

Nature As Healer

Casey shares how connecting with nature helped him change his life. He spent a lot of time drinking and doing drugs, and now finds himself excited by a very different element, one he finds in nature on these wilderness expeditions.

Don't Mess With Monkeys

Back to back monkey stories. The Moral? Don't mess with Monkeys.

What Is An Expedition?

Casey and Andrew talk about what distiguishes an expedition from a vacation. Is it risk, a mission beyond just having fun, or something else?

What Makes It Worth The Risk?

Casey encounters risk in a variety of ways in his life. Andrew asks why? Why take the risks? What makes it worth it?