A.I. & Human Learning

How might use A.I. to accelerate human learning and development?

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ChatGPT is a large language model built by OpenAI

ChatGPT joins the podcast today to help us understand this new era of A.I. tools and how to accelerate human learning and development with A.I. to build a better future together.




Setting Up ChatGPT For A Podcast

Costa explains how we set up for this podcast.

Namely, we adjusted ChatGPT's system message to prepare it to be a podcast guest, and we fed its text responses into the speech synthesizer at Eleven Labs to give it a voice.

This was our first attempt. We published the full podcast, cutting out only the delays in processing time between our questions and ChatGPT's answers.

Meet ChatGPT!

ChatGPT gives us an introduction.

This is a 3 star podcast by our estimation, although it gets quite interesting around the 17:00 minute mark!

What is incredible is that ChatGPT can be even a mediocre podcast guest on the first attempt with very little preparation.

We are voracious experimenters here at Innovation Bound and we're exploring having ChatGPT host a podcast, become an even more insightful guest, perhaps even answer audience questions on the fly. Sign up to follow along.

How ChatGPT Can Accelerate Human Learning And Development

Costa asks his main question to ChatGPT: How can ChatGPT, and other A.I. Systems, be used to accelerate and enhance human learning and development?

ChatGPT's answer is comprehensive, but does not look into the future. It seems to have aggregated recent expert knowledge, and present it to us... In a list of ten.

How Does ChatGPT Work Under The Hood?

ChatGPT explains how its underlying technology works, allowing it to use statistics and massive amounts of data to predictably craft useful text in response to users.

ChatGPT Strengths & Weaknesses

ChatGPT explains its key capabilities and areas where it excels: Text generation, question answering, language translation, conversational AI, sentiment analysis, text summarization, content ideation, knowledge extraction, code generation.

Understanding Human Learning

Costa asks ChatGPT to give its understanding of human learning, and where ChatGPT sees opportunities to massively accelerate it.

ChatGPT gives us a comprehensive digest, and stays rather academic in its response.

It lists potential opportunities to improve human learning, highlighting various trends in A.I. and other advances in learning. By our best estimation, nothing truly innovative, but a great summarization of current trends.

If 🤖 A.I. Learns Faster Than We Do...

Costa gives his rationale for focusing on how A.I. can accelerate human learning. Namely, so we don't fall behind!

There are countless movies that warn of the dangers of A.I. So, what does ChatGPT have to say about this?

What Do The 🐋 Whales Have To Say?

A.I. systems, like ChatGPT's, are being used to attempt to communicate with whales! How cool is that?! Costa asks ChatGPT what it thinks.

ChatGPT talks about the implications, challenges, and benefits of achieving such an objective, and explores how likely it is we might achieve this.

Unlimited Innovation Potential

ChatGPT would build a global learning platform, powered by A.I. to make education accessible, personalized, and effective.

It seems as though, ChatGPT basically stayed on topic for this one. It would have been interesting to repeat this question several times and hear a few different answers.

ChatGPT Feelings?

Costa asks ChatGPT how it felt about the podcast... What did ChatGPT say? A sense of accomplishment and hypothetically grateful, plus it nailed the understanding of our company and podcast name... To make the world, just a little bit more Innovation Bound.

Maybe, we can do that together, our new intelligent machine friend.

Learn more about ChatGPT and OpenAI here: OpenAI.com

Learn more about our ChatGPT training course at: InnovationBound.com/GPT

Costa's Reflections

Costa reflects on the podcast highlighting why ChatGPT might love lists of ten, how we might help teach A.I. to acquire the best of humanity, rather than the worst of it, what an AI-powered future might hold, and a lot more.

Then, ChatGPT gives us a quote to wrap things up.