Key Learnings in Learning & Development

Lessons for enterprise from learning at universities, discussions about the latest learning tech, how to win a Guiness World Record, and more!

Photo of Chrissy-Roth-Francis
Chrissy Roth-Francis
Senior Learning & Development Manager at LinkedIn and Public Speaker

Our guest, Chrissy Roth-Francis, shares her key learnings coming from a career in universities and transitioning into enterprise L&D.




Let's Meet Chrissy Roth-Francis

Chrissy shares her experience transitioning from her career in universities to her role now in enterprise L&D.

Diversity & Inclusion

Chrissy talks about students being the driving force behind diversity and inclusion at universities, and how enterprises can learn from them.

In-Person VS Virtual

Chrissy shares her insights on in-person vs virtual training experiences, and what the future might look like.

Comfort Zones

Chrissy shares her view on comfort zones as they relate to learning. Learning happens by going beyond our comfort zones, and while we need comfort zones the real transformations happen by pushing beyond.

The Guinness World Record

Chrissy shares her experience helping achieve a Guinness World Record at Berkley and her lessons learned on how to make big projects happen.

Let's Talk About ROI

How do you demonstrate the value of a training program? This is a core challenge in the L&D space. Chrissy shares her best case practice.

Massively Scaling L&D Efforts

What becomes possible if we invest way more in L&D. What if we treat it like a must have, instead of a nice to have?

No Fear in Public Speaking

Chrissy talks about her uncanny lack of fear in public speaking, and her work as a communications coach.