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How to harmonize business challenges, technological change, and people development

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Chief Learning Officer at Chenmed

Christopher came to the learning unit from the business side with extensive technology experience, making his a wise voice to guide L&D as AI rises to the forefront.




A Unique Path

Christopher gives us his background, beginning with computer programming and tech, finding his way through business, on to process improvement, and eventually corporate training. He could only avoid Human Resources for so long, now serving as Chief Learning Officer at Chenmed.

The Last Great Transformation In L&D

Costa, Christopher, and ChatGPT all chime in on what the last great transformation in Learning and Development was. It was a tough call between the pandemic and the overall digitization (bringing everything online) from the early 2010s onward. Then, the conversation takes it's first big tangent into the ChatGPT and AI rabbithole.

Will ChatGPT Replace People?

Christopher share his thoughts on the common fear about AI: Will it replace me in my job? No, according to Christopher, and he explains why he believes that's the case.

People Are Your Greatest Asset

...But which aspect of human capital is the most valuable to the business? Christopher takes us into the nuance of understanding which aspects of people's contributions from to business are most valuable in which business situations, and how to really orient oneself to this high level strategic question.

How Chief Learning Officers Make Insights?

Christopher talks about how he makes the insights to guide his strategic decisions in his work as a Chief Learning Officer. He talks about how to use the data, and how to dig deeper, go beyond, and pair different observables together to make his insights.

Technology And Human Connection

Christopher talks about how technology has affect the human condition, at work and in life. His view? Technology has been a mirror, an amplification device we can use to see how we humans are expressing ourselves and operating in the world. Maybe we've been pretty mediocre at human connection all along, and technology is just now revealing it.

Unlimited Innovation Potential

What would you do with unlimited innovation potential for a full year and a clean schedule? No guarantee of success, but the best chance you'll get. Christophers' answer? Human inequality.

Relentless Intention

Christopher swore he would never write a book, but as fate would have it and after a feverish dream late one night something he calls Relentless Intention emerged. Follow Christopher on LinkedIn to stay in the loop on that.