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What happens when you let learning be your guide?

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An interview with David Kadavy, author, designer, thinker, and an exploration of the genuine adventure of learning.




Author, Podcaster, Designer, Twitterer...

Introducing David Kadavy with one of his most influential reads. Namely, Understanding Media by Marshall McLuhan.

Design For Hackers

Costa read David's Design For Hackers in 2010, and found it one of the most useful and impactful book's he's ever read. He tries, in this clip, to make David blush and almost succeeds.

And, here's the book: Design For Hackers

The Cambrian Explosion Of Competence... That Never Happened.

When MIT, and Harvard, and many other universities began putting their courseware online for free, Costa thought we might just see an explosion of competence around the world... Alas, we didn't. But why?

Has Automation Accelerated Creativity?

David describes the modern state of tools and resources for authors. David, in particular, has focused on creativity and productivity in his writing, and offers his insights and thoughts on what automation will mean to us.

Who Are You?

David recounts his life's journey, starting in Ohama, Nebraska. His love of learning was always the driving force in his own self-discovery, his career, life's passions, and his work.

Who are you? is a question we should all ask, and we should seek true answers with courage.

Learning To Finish What We Start

Costa recounts his challenge with doing too many things at once and not focusing. The unlikely resolution: Committing to finishing things, starting with a six book series on JavaScript.

David's New Book

David is working on the third book in a trilogy called Getting Art Done. The third book will be on finishing things. Here is the series: Getting Art Done

Starting Small

Costa recounts starting small in building his fitness habits. Is there a lesson here in finishing small as a way to learn to finish things? David adds his concept of the, minimum creative dose, and the power of incubation.

Are We In 1984 Or Brave New World?

David comments on the conversation, as of late, on Twitter, the politics of which might be divisive, but the consequences of where we go from here, as a society, could be transformational. What might we focus on? What are the challenges that deserve our attention? And what kind of attention should we approach the public conversation with?

Find David On Twitter

David is quite active on Twitter @Kadavy, and you can find his books on Amazon. Check out Digital Zettelkasten.