A Life Of Constant Exploration

The lessons we learn from exploration and experimentation are some of the most profound

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Jennifer Servary Recla »
Director of Learning & Development at Colorado Access

L&D Director Jennifer Recla joins the podcast to share her insights from a life of constant exploration, and the kind of personal growth and innovation that emerges.




Living Life As An Experiment

How can a growth mindset set you on the right path? Jennifer believes we can all be great, and that experimentation is key to getting on the path to success.

Practical Application Of Eternal Optimism

What are the navigational tools for responding to failure? Jennifer shares her specific tools with us, including positive deviants and bright spots.

Going Deep Vs Casting A Wide Net

Costa and Jennifer explore ways to manage the tendency to get spread too thin between multiple projects.

Constant Experimentation At The Team Level

What happens when you try and apply this life of experimentation to a whole team of people? How do these principles of personal innovation translate to a group?

Innovation Croossover!

Can we bring tried and true principles of innovation training into the personal development domain?

Give It A Week!

Jennifer talks about the success she’s had using weekly challenges to stimulate creative thinking and personal experimentation.

Download her weekly experiments PDF here » Growth Experiments Challenge

The Big Innovation Question!

With unlimited free time and innovation capacity for one year, how would Jennifer choose to spend here time?