Design Your Endgame

How listening, purpose, and data contribute to innovation in learning and development

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Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, minors in Statistics and Business. International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach.

Julia Brandon talks about integrating data and analytics in talent management with an eye towards building trust and relationships at work. Opinions her own.




What's Your Endgame?

When we have a clear understanding of our endgame, we can drive towards what matters most by working backwards from our ultimate goal.

What Gets Us There Can't Keep Us There

Julia introduces the idea of not just high performance, but healthy high performance. She makes use of "strategic disengagement" to create more sustainble work habits.

Trust: The Fundamental Building Block

What makes someone trustworthy? Julia walks us through four components of trust and discusses the role of trust in an organization.

The Three C's of Talent Management

Three pillars of talent management are essential to get right: career development, compensation, and culture.

When Things Go Wrong

Julia discusses what to do when mistakes happen or projects meet unexpected obstacles.


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