Alive At Work

Vulnerability, diversity, and learning in the workplace

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Laura Cutrona »
Learning and Development Manager; Focused on Value Alignment and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Laura Cutrona discusses assumption busting, leadership insights, and DEI best practices for organizational effectiveness.




Knowledge Vs. Awareness

It's important to differentiate between two modes of learning: knowledge and awareness. We learn specific skills, and we learn how to make use of what we know.

Making Space For Insight

Time and space for reflection are necessary to enable assumption busting and new ideas at work.

Increasing Diversity Through Candidate Assessment

Laura discusses assessing skills, rather than pattern matching on job history, as a first step towards increasing diversity in the selection process.

Good Tradeoffs, Better Deadlines

When deadlines degrade quality of work and promote burnout, it's time to reconsider how work is getting done.

Acts Of Professional Courage

Laura discusses pivoting in real time to make more human-centered decisions.

Getting To "Why"

Clarifying the "why", in addition to the "what", supports authenticity, creativity, and engagement on the job.

A New Take On The Triple Constraint

Taking the risk of creating something meaningful at work can have a huge impact, but the onus (and the fallout) rests on the individual.