Stories of Creativity and Inclusive Innovation

Reflecting on creativity and how inclusive innovation can help save the world with Maggie Dugan


Maggie Dugan takes us on a journey into the world of creativity facilitators and tells the story of the practice she founded at Inclusive Innovation.




Where It All Began

For Maggie it all began at the CPSI conference, which she attended for many consecutive years, went through their training program, and eventually became faculty. Maggie has carried the crafts of Creative Problem Solving and facilitation into all of her work since then.

Founding Inclusive Innovation

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Maggie eventually directed her creative problem solving and facilitation skills to the development sector, and helping build more inclusive innovation projects across the developing world.

Where Is Inclusive Innovation Doing Work?

II (Inclusive Innovation) works across Latin America, Africa, and South East Asia, and across Government and Non-government Organizations.

The Save The World Movement

From impact investing to open source tech to social enterprises, there is an outburst of people getting behind purpose-driven work in the world. What does it all mean?

The Impact of Purpose-Driven Work

Maggie elaborates on the impact of the shift into purpose-driven work, and the way results manifest locally as a result of this movement.

Going Beyond GDP

How do we measure growth beyond GDP? Gross Domestic Product doesn't truly capture progress, and it doesn't take environmental impacts into account well enough. So, how else might we measure progress?

Inclusive Innovation's Long Term Goals

Maggie talks about how she will know if Inclusive Innovation has been a successful venture, and what some of her long term goals are for her team and the field of innovation.