Action Learning Deep Dive

What becomes possible when people learn by taking action to solve real problems? Listen close...

Photo of Mies de Koning
Mies de Koning
Senior Action Learning Coach & Director of Education at the World Institute for Action Learning

Our guest, Mies de Koning, takes us on a deep dive into Action Learning and its many lessons in the modern learning and development landscape.




What Is Action Learning?

Mies takes us through the basics of Action Learning which incorporates learning through precise methods and techniques that seek to solve real problems and deliver learning at the same time.

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Action Learning Examples

Action Learning must be utilized on a real world problem. It's not based on simulations, or games, but on real problems that a team would value solving.

History Of Action Learning

Reg Revans, British Management Consultant, founded Action Learning on the idea that good solutions to problems are to be found in the common person, hard at work in their organization, and don't need to come from some expert out there in the world.

How Does Action Learning Work?

Mies takes us through a series of mechanisms that make Action Learning work, helping to identify the real problem, break through group think, commit to taking action, and more...

What Types Of Organizations Practice Action Learning?

A huge variety of organizations have formal Action Learning programs and pratices. Mies talks through how Action Learning fits in today's fast-changing business landscape.

What Is The Role Of Action Learning In Our Digital Era?

Mies talks about how Action Learning is especially relevant in a world that changes faster and faster.

Mies Makes a Book Recommendation

Check out The Beautiful Risk of Education for an exploration of the designed and emergent aspects of education.

What Does The Data Tell Us?

Mies takes us the recent research on Action Learning and its effect on psychological safety and other factors.

What Is Mies' Personal Mission?

Mies ties it all together for us, and shares his experience finding his "home" in practicing Action Learning, and helping people be their best.