Iteration and Inquiry: Effective L&D In Times Of Change

Scrappy but timely deliverables, co-designing with stakeholders, and the power of nudges

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Global Talent Development Leader at Intuit

Mohit Jiwnani discusses quicker iteration in L&D, leaders as teachers, and creating spaces at work that facilitate learning.




Transparency and Involvement

Stakeholders want a role in the process of design, and they introduce valuable feedback that yields higher quality trainings.

What Do Our Employees Need?

Inquiry allows for the discovery of high-leverage learning needs.

The Power Of Nudges

Useful nudges reinforce trainings. They are a great use of technology to increase the likelihood that the learning sticks.

Pick Up The Speed

Jump in and do something scrappy. After discovering the pain point, provide an initial deliverable that solves the first half of the problem and iterate from there.

Be True To The Data

Sometimes the data does not tell a pretty story. It's best to be honest about this and create a real solution. Don't twist the numbers to tell a misleading story.