The Virtues of Virtual Teams

Exploring the emergence of virtual teams, and uncovering some best case practices with Monesh Bulchandani

Photo of Monesh Bulchandani
Monesh Bulchandani
Learning Engagement Manager at Microsoft

Monesh and Costa both work on virtual teams, with teammates strewn across the globe, working primarily over chat and video conference systems. In this podcast, they trade stories, best case practices, tips, and image how this trend of going virtual might impact the future of the work world.




Microsoft Has Been Kickin' Butt

Monesh shares a little bit about his work, his role, and the organizationl culture at Microsoft that enables his performance and fulfillment at work.

Learning About Monesh's Team

With team members from Kentucky to London and beyond, Monesh's team works to deliver internal and external training across the globe. Because of this, they must also tackle the challenge of operating as a team that is distributed across the globe, instead of all showing up in the same office each day.

How Does a Virtual Team Even Work?

Let's cover the basics. How do virutal teams handle basic things like getting work done without a manager holding everyone accountable or communicating with teammates.

How Do You Recreate The Office Environment?

Monesh and Costa talk through all the different things their teams do to recreate the watercooloer, sketching things at the whiteboard with teammates, and other things that we take for granted in office environments.

Dealing With Interpersonal Conflict on Virtual Teams

Monesh talks through how his team handles basic interpersonal conflict. Miscommunications happen, especially when communciating primarily in chat form, so getting on the phone or video conference goes a long way. Also, learning about one another's communication style is also very beneficial.

Dealing With Timezones

Monesh and Costa go through how they cope with working across distant time zones, by restructuring work and by finding sweet spots in schedules for team meetings.

More Ideas for Virtual Teams

Monesh highlights ideas for how to have fun, build a team culture for virtual teams, use technology to overcome communication challenges, and more.

Looking to the Future

Monesh talks about what he sees coming next for virtual teams.

Monesh sees virtual teams increasing as the world globalizes, and as companies become more open to their employees working from home. Also, as a frequent flyer, he hopes for faster air travel!