Our Plastic Ocean Problem

Understanding the plastic plague in Earth's ocean

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Rebecca Daniel »
Marine Biologist and Director of The Marine Diaries

Rebecca Daniel helps us understand the massive, complex challenge of plastic ocean pollution and the hope there is for solutions.




Meet Rebecca Daniel

Rebecca is a marine biologist, a science communicator, and director of The Marine Diaries. She has an enormous passion for our ocean and telling its many stories to educate and inspire.

What Is Your Favorite Place In The Ocean?

Rebecca tells us about Big Island Hawaii and her favorite experience night diving with manta rays.

What Role Does The Ocean Play?

Rebecca helps us understand the role the ocean plays on planet Earth, it's interplay with our lives, ecosystems at large, and more.

How Much Plastic Is In Our Ocean?

It's difficult to get an accurate answer to this question, for a variety of reasons. The best estimates are around 150 million tons (2015), and it's increasing at an alarming rate (which is bad, very bad).

A Call To Adventure

Costa pauses to remind us that while the numbers and description of this challenge seem wild, terrifying, and insurmountable, and the very nature of innovators is to face impossible challenges and solve them.

What Kinds Of Plastics?

What kinds of plastic are in our oceans, how large and small? What is the variety of this kind of pollution?

How Does Plastic Affect Marine Life?

Rebecca talks to us about how plastic affects marine life, how it moves through the food chain, and in general the dynamics of this pollutant for marine life.

How Did This Happen?

Rebecca shares a little bit about how the plastic ocean problem emerged and developed, and calls out fishing nets and packaging as some of the main culprits.

Thoughts On Solutions

Rebecca shares her thoughts on potential solutions to the plastic ocean problem.

Plastic-To-Fuel Conversion Technology

At Clean Ocean International headquarters in Santa Cruz, we had the opportunity to see a plastic-to-fuel conversion technology demonstration.

A Hopeful Note

Costa spells out the monstrous size and scale of the plastic pollution problem, and Rebecca shares with us what gives her hope, beyond her unbelievable optimism 😉