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Executive Director & Cofounder at Springboard Labs and former Chief Learning Officer at Catholic Health Services of Long Island

Tom is working to transform the healthcare system in the United States, where we pay more and get worse results than most other nations.




Who Is Tom?

Tom introduces himself and gives us a peek into his work with Springboard Labs, a venture that has required a large amount of self-experimentation in an effort to rethink best practices within the health care industry.

Acute Little Problem

How does a health care system centered around acute care leave behind patients and practitioners who are looking for a more sane relationship with medical care?

There's No Health Without Individual Health

Costa goes a little George Jetson talking about some of the new technologies that have been added to the intervention toolkit of 21st century physicians and patients. What is the role for these tools in a future defined by hyper-personalized, digital twin-based medicine?

There's No Health Without Public Health

Tom dives deep into the ways that public health education and nutrition education changed the landscape of the health care practice and led health care professionals to an understanding of the "social determinants of health."

Health Care Soup

What are the ingredients of our current health care delivery system? If we wanted to re-write the recipe, what ingredients would Tom include? How has the craft model of medical education led us to where we are today?

The Turning Point

Scientific Medicine takes center stage in the 1800s and what it would look like to re-create a revolution of this nature today?

Vectors Of Change

How can change actually make it's way into and through a system as complex as the modern health care delivery aparatus? Where are the existing channels that are open to the influx of novel information and practices? Top-Down Regulation? Tech disruption from the Side? A New Payment Model from Below?

Tom's Theory Of Change

What we're looking for is Islands of Innovation! Tom takes us on a tour of the kinds of proving grounds we need to test out new systems before they are implemented at a high level. Can we redefine our liabilities as specialized training? How do we balance Margin with Mission?

An Inside-Out View of Changing the Medical Industry

Conflicts of interest between siloed professionals can make cooperation fraught, if not downright combative, just when Doctors and Administrators need to be working together.

What Does an Innovation Tournament Look Like?

Join Costa for a stroll through the wild world of Innovation Tournaments as he speculates on how this process of high level navigation toward industry transformation and rebirth might look.

Out of Left Field Comes... L&D?

Who would have thought Learning and Development professionals would be poised to be change-makers in the health care industry? As keepers of the learning spirit, it is from here that waves of change can be created.

Tom's Big Vision of the Future!

A little hint, it involves getting serious about hearing medical professionals when they talk about burnout and creating an environment that is less protective and more...of course...innovative!

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