Socializing Bold Ideas

Sales and presentation skills to win internal stakeholders

Imagine the first time someone pitched the idea to build a bicycle: “It’ll have two wheels, and a couple of pedals. The front wheel will turn, and to move, you just crank the pedals and keep the handlebars steady. Everyone will want one!”

...Well, don’t hold for applause.

Chances are the idea was first met with: “That sounds complicated”, “It would be too expensive to make”, “Who besides a trained acrobat would be able to ride one?” and, “Haha, next!”

Many organizations, even though they may not do so with intent, hold strongly to a status quo and prevent ideas from gaining any kind of traction. Whether lip service is paid, or ideas are squashed loudly, there is a common set of challenges which this course teaches participants to anticipate and overcome. By putting participants through rigorous exercises and simulations our facilitators help sharpen a variety of business innovation skills: Storytelling, presentation, stakeholder analysis, and active listening. Participants will learn to identify potential support and resistance for an idea, and how to slowly build credibility and momentum for an idea so that it can grow into a thriving innovation project.

Performance Improvements