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Innovation 101

The five foundational habits of great innovators

Learn how creativity and innovation can help you solve your toughest challenges.

Whether you want to improve your small business, get your kids to eat healthy, reduce your stress load, grow your social media following, finally get fit, or overcome whatever other tough, persistent challenge you have, applying the five core habits of great innovators can make a huge difference.

We've helped everyone from NASA scientists to developing world farmers learn how to use their creativity to solve some of the toughest challenges they faced.

Now, we're bringing that world class training 🏋️ to you. Are you ready?

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Come up with lots of ideas

Imagination is where innovation begins. The ability to see something other than what is, to imagine something better. That is the very core of creativity.



Use feedback to improve ideas

Feedback is a gift! It is how we can improve and develop ideas into workable solutions. It is also how innovators communicate with each other.



Ask the right questions

You must ask the right questions. You have to make sure you're solving for the right problem. This is where innovation roots itself so it can grow. Otherwise, your ideas just float away in the wind.



Test early and often

Testing early and often is a core habit of great tinkerers, engineers, and builders. The Edison's and Curie's of history and today are master experimenters.



Be ready to improvise

No idea survives contact with reality. Ideas must bend, mold, and change to meet the conditions and parameters of real life. Innovators must learn to improvise and adapt.

Meet Your Instructor

He's a seasoned innovator, masterful communicator, heart-warming, and a little bit weird 😜

Hi! My name is Costa, I'm cofounder here at Innovation Bound, and I am thrilled to take you on an epic learning journey! Are you ready?


In the last fifteen years, I've worked with tech companies, nonprofits, and leading scientists on some of the most incredible challenges our world faces.

And in all those years, you know what I've learned?

Innovation is not just for people with big budgets and shiny laboratories. It's for all of us.

We all have problems we care about, and a little bit of creativity can make a big difference in solving them.

Connect with Costa on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter.

Live Sessions 📺

Let's put our skills to the test!

Our live sessions happen on Zoom, @InnovationBound on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and sometimes in real life. They can be spontaneous or scheduled in advance and posted here.

Each live session will focus on exercising a particular innovation skill.

One week we might help a wildlife professor design a new kind of learning experience for her students, another week we might develop the theme for a new documentary, or lend ideas to you for a challenge you're working on. Live sessions are a chance to build community, find like-hearted people, and team up to tackle big challenges.

Instagram » Giving Feedback To Improve Ideas Practice Session - August 15th, All Day LongZoom » Five Foundational Habits Overview - August 29th, 5pm ET

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