How to Launch an Innovation Learning Program

At Innovation Bound, we build innovation learning programs for top talent groups at Fortune 500 companies and a broad range of organizations beyond. These are some of the resources we've put together to help learning departments that are incorporating innovation into their training programs.

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What Is Innovation?

The word innovation has become more and more common, so let's break it down, and detail what it means to be innovative in the enterprise context.

First Thing to Do to Be a More Innovative Company

Hint: It's not to do a big expensive culture change initiative.

What if people at your organization were already using their creativity to drive innovation in small and big ways, and all you needed to do to accelerate their efforts is listen to their stories?

Let's Talk About Failure

Innovation holds the promise of growth and progress, but it also introduces a very real risk of failure. How should organizations think about failure with regards to innovation?

Hint: It's not about failure at all, it's about shifting the win criteria to lessons per hour, and developing strong experimentation competencies.

Top Five Innovation Program Pitfalls

Launching an innovation program can be daunting, but the ROI on innovation dwarfs other skillsets. Here are a list of five common pitfalls to avoid when structuring your innovation learning program for the first time.

Design Thinking Deep Dive

Toby Scott is our resident Design Thinking scholar. He was a director at the UK Design Council, founder of the Irish Center for Design Innovation, and in this podcast he digs into what the essence of Design Thinking is, and how that can have tremendous value for enterprises.

Five Best Practices from Successful Innovation Learning Programs

You’ve taken the plunge and begun putting together an innovation training program. Here are five best practices to inspire your efforts.

Are Your Top Talent Creative Problem Solvers?

The workforce of the future is made of creative problem solvers. Are your top talent up to challenge?

First Rule of Creative Thinking

If you want better ideas, you have to come up with LOTS of ideas!


Storymining is a learning-rich ethnographic activity created by Ismet Mamnoon at Innovation Bound and has its basis in two modern innovation methodologies, Appreciative Inquiry & Design Thinking, as well as the ancient craft of storytelling.

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Innovation Tournaments

Innovation Tournaments are dynamic, fast-paced, highly relevant immersive experiences for top talent groups that teach innovation by doing innovation. They were created by Stavros Michailidis at Innovation Bound and have elements of gamification, Design Thinking, entrepreneurship, and several modern innovation methodologies.

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Escape the Meeting

Escape The Meeting is an immersive simulation for teams designed by Erica Swiatek, and Ismet Mamnoon at Innovation Bound to teach creative problem solving skills. It is based on the Creative Problem Solving model, embraces elements of gamification, and integrates elegantly with multiple assessments such as Myers-Briggs and Foursight.

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