Your Most Powerful Capability?


Innovation 101

What if you could harness your creative potential?

Let's sketch out the details here...

Innovation Can Be Learned!

Here's how...


Imagination is where innovation begins. The ability to see something other than what is, to imagine something better. That's the very core of creativity.

Here's what we're gonna do...


Feedback is a gift! Here's how to play angel's advocate...

Here's what we're gonna do...


You must ask the right questions. You have to make sure you're solving for the right problem. This is where innovation roots itself so it can grow. Otherwise, your ideas just float away in the wind.

Here's what we're gonna do...

Not telling you ; )

There's more, and it's coming soon.

Here's what we're gonna do...

Not telling you ; )

There's more, and it's coming soon.

Here's what we're gonna do...

Meet Your Instructor Facilitator

A little bit about our Cofounder, Costa Michailidis...

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Live Sessions

This is where we put our skills to the test! The best learning is learning by doing.

Class is in session!

These sessions are where we combine our creative thinking abilities to help think up solutions to problems we care about. One week it might be helping a friend in Brooklyn find love while trapped at home during a pandemic, another week it might be helping small business owners at large with ideas on how to grow their small businesses in an ever more digital world.

Innovation 101 Live Sessions happen on Zoom, on Instagram Lives, Streaming on Twitter, and on LinkedIn.

Check the list below to join a scheduled live session, or follow @InnovationBound on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram and hit the notification bell for the more spontaneous sessions.

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Who Is Your Weirdest Friend?

You know, the one who doesn't work a normal job, likely to be scuba diving or mountain climbing. You wouldn't be surprised if their next social media post is them meditating with goats in Bali. That friend. Tell them about Innovation Bound and Innovation 101.