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Transform L&D With ChatGPT


JuneGPT (program complete)

A Month Of AI Training To Transform Your L&D

JuneGPT is a full month of training on ChatGPT, and other artificial intelligence toolkits, specifically tailored to Learning & Development professionals.

We are going to transform the way you work!

  • Generate Personalized Learning Pathways
  • Use The AI To Assess Leadership Skills
  • Use ChatGPT To Draft And Edit Your Content
  • Conduct Extensive Research At Lightning Speed
  • Bridge Knowledge Gaps Just In Time
  • Have ChatGPT Find The Perfect Keynote Speaker
  • And So Much More!

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ChatGPT 💻 Examples

These are example use cases of ChatGPT for L&D professionals. When we first started using this tool, we were astonished what it could do! We hope you see the same extraordinary potential that we do.


Leadership Evaluation

In this example we use ChatGPT to generate a leadership situation and score the user based on how they handle it. Then, we take things up a notch!

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Crafting Content

In this example we ask ChatGPT to analyze our voice and style using a writing sample. Then we have it put together a first draft keynote address by matching our voice and style.

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Vision & Strategy

In this example we tell ChatGPT about our new role as Chief Learning Officer at an advanced materials startup, and ask it to help us draft an L&D vision statement... With a twist.

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Chat With ChatGPT

You can chat with our custom version of ChatGPT here. Careful, we've programmed ours to be a snarky, sarcastic event promoter. For OpenAI's original visit

The preview above sends your messages through our servers to the OpenAI API. Because millions of users have jumped on in the last few months, it does break down frequently. That's the nature of bleeding edge tech, and one of the costs of staying ahead of the curve. We'll cover more on this at JuneGPT ðŸ™‚

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Join us live or watch the recordings afterwards.

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